Did you know there are TWO ways to earn money from KiddieCorp??

We all know that our Team Members can cash in by working events when KiddieCorp comes to your city, but not everyone knows that you can cash in on your friends as well.

That’s right! KiddieCorp wants to hire your friends, co-workers, and just about anyone else you think is KiddieCorp material. After all, who knows more about being a super Team Member than Team Members?


Have your friends fill out an online application. Make sure they include your full name on the application under “referred by”. If your friend gets hired and works one event, you will receive a check in the mail!


If you are a current KiddieCorp employee (Team Member, Manager, or corporate employee), you can participate in the referral program.


KiddieCorp is looking for experienced, responsible, enthusiastic people to add to the team. Not all applicants qualify and not all qualified applicants can be hired. Feel free to email us and ask about the referral program, but please do not call to check the status of your friend’s application.