In 1986, KiddieCorp became the first company to provide on-site child care for groups nationwide. Through the years, our team has refined our technique and helped KiddieCorp evolve right along with a growing list of clients.

Today, with thousands of events behind us, KiddieCorp is able to handle any program with the finesse and style only an original company can.


There are plenty of companies out there that offer corporate child care on the side, and that’s great. However, at KiddieCorp, corporate child care is all we do.

Why hire a company that’s spinning a dozen other plates when you can work with one that will focus on you and your needs?


Whether you’re in a major metropolis or tiny hamlet, KiddieCorp is there. Our team is spread out across the U.S. and Canada, so you can rest assured that, no matter where you are, we’re local.


At any KiddieCorp event, your child’s safety is our topmost concern. By enforcing strict security policies and training our managers in CPR, First Aid, and emergency preparedness, we keep your children safe and ensure peace of mind.

Additionally, we proudly carry a 5 million dollar liability policy and bond all of our employees. Since 1986, KiddieCorp has never had a claim or lawsuit.


The KiddieCorp family has grown to include a staggering 1,600 Team Members to accommodate each and every one of our diverse events. We only hire enthusiastic, qualified caregivers recruited locally from reputable sources. We value our Team Members and they are legal employees of KiddieCorp—not independent contractors.

All KiddieCorp Team Members are trained to comply with KiddieCorp’s high standards before they ever work with a


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