KiddieCorp manages over 175 child care programs a year, and the majority of them are for meetings. Whether it is an afternoon meeting or a month-long series of sessions, KiddieCorp can give your participants the convenience of child care.

We work with you to design program hours to complement your meeting schedule. One way to do this is to open a little earlier in the day and close a little later, to allow time for parents to travel to and from our location.

Most meeting programs take a few years to get going. And when they do, you will see participants who wouldn’t have come without the child care having been available.

No matter where you go across the country, chances are we know your venue and hotel personnel. We can make registering child care a breeze – we have online registration available and sample registration forms for you to review. Every year we can travel with you, no matter what state or city you are in. If it’s the same tried and true destination every year, that’s great, too.

“We could not wrap up our 2004 US/UK Exchange without sending our thanks to you and all the KiddieCorp staff involved in the child care for this meeting. Your assistance in setting up the program and registration to accommodate the unique requirements of this meeting was greatly appreciated, as it helped us communicate efficiently to our delegates coming from the United Kingdom.”

Teri Jarvie, CMP, Director of Meeting Services


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