More and more successful convention & trade show planners seem to choose KiddieCorp. We think it’s because of the consistency they get from event to event. Whether your event is in New York City or Napa Valley, a high level of staff and programming is always present. That’s because our caregivers and managers are thoroughly trained in the “KiddieCorp Way”, no matter where they’re from.

Through the KiddieCorp office, clients are welcome to request the same on-site manager or office manager to work with every year. Most of our field managers travel with their programs even though our caregiving staff is all local.

Thank you to you and all of your lovely staff for providing excellent care for our boys while we walked the exhibit hall today. I was extremely pleased to have such a thorough report of my boys activities/behaviors while we were away. As a little piece of myself it’s always comforting to know others are as attentive as I would be to my loved ones. I am so very thankful for your services and will sing your praise to others wanting to bring small children to the convention next year.
Jennie (Parent)

Planning is so easy when you have history together to reference. Knowing how each other works can save hours of time and reduce stress related to anxiety over unproven vendors. We take meticulous notes throughout the planning process, and learn your event and your goals as best we can.

The strong support our on-site team gets from the office is peace of mind in itself. How a company handles the unexpected is a true mark of their professionalism. That’s when you really know what you have in a supplier. We are confident you will see that in us.


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