Our clients include many savvy show managers who have offered child care for several years. The best place for us to be is at the back of the exhibit hall, easily accessible to parents and delightfully visible to all. If that isn’t possible then a nearby room or rooms will do just fine.

You may not allow children under age 12, 14, or 18 on the show floor. That’s a great time to have child care ready and available, for those families who can’t leave their dear ones behind. Even if children are allowed on the floor, encouraging parents to use the child care helps them be more productive in the aisles. Vendors are much happier with the focus attendees can give to their products or services.

If its a choice between your show and another, having child care conveniently available just might tip the scales in your favor.

“This was the most successful kids program ever! The onsite managers were
organized and professional.”

Diane Glover, California Association of Physicians Groups


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