With schools being closed, and employees faced with a child care dilemma, more and more employers are turning to temporary, “pop-up child care” programs, provided at the workplace.  It can be set-up quickly and easily, with a few spaces the size of training rooms filling the bill in most cases.   


1. Are you available for temporary, workplace child care during the current public health situation?

Yes we are.  We have employees in all major cities, who normally work our child care convention programs.  They are standing by and more than ready to work, since most of those have been cancelled. 

2. What is the minimum/maximum number of kids you can handle?  What if we have less than 10 kids?

As long as they are in separate groups of 10, we can care for as many children as the space will accommodate.

Most corporate programs range from 10 to 25 children at one time.   You might see a larger program for a hospital or health care facility.  Fewer kids is definitely okay, the service might still be very valuable to the employer and employee.  We always staff with at least 2 caregivers, for safety or emergency.

3. What hours could you operate?  Evenings and weekends?

We can absolutely operate nights and weekends.  It might just take us a little longer to staff those schedules. 

4.  How much space do you need to set up?

As a guide, consider 50 square feet per child.  Since we are caring for children in separate groups of 10, that’s about 500 square feet for 10 children, or space about the size of a conference room or classroom (per group of 10 children).  If there is access to outdoor space, that could lower the indoor space needed. Chances are, we can work with the space you have.

5. When can you start?  How long would it take you to be ready to operate at our business?  

For 12-15 children, we could probably be up and operating in 3-5 business days. 

6. How do you handle intake or registration?

We have parents pre-register, by filling out a few forms in advance.  Then they simply sign their children in and out each time they use the child care.  Every job has a manager, who greets them when they arrive, and gets any new instructions from the parent that day.

7. What licenses and insurance do you have?  Does our company need additional insurance?

In child care, the provider isn’t licensed, but each individual program gets a license.  That being said, if it is temporary child care for on-site employees, that’s normally a license-exempt program.  Or, if the program just runs 4 hours or less per week, that’s also license-exempt.  

Regarding insurance, we have a $5 million dollar policy that you could be added to as additionally insured; we’d in turn, like to be added to your policy, since we will be at your place of business.

8. How do you clean and sanitize facilities, equipment and supplies?

Thoroughly and often.  Here’s a link to our website that explains our procedures in detail:  www.kiddiecorp.com/parents-guide

9. What does it cost?  

It depends on hours, ages, and number of children at one time.  A small program with 10 potty-trained children per day could cost $650–$800.

10. What are your staff to child ratios?  Are they good?

Yes, our ratios exceed those required by the State of California, who has some of the stricter requirements in the country.  Every program has at least one staff and one manager, and our ratios are:

1 staff to 1 newborn

1 staff to 2 infants

1 staff to 3 toddlers

1 staff to 5 pre-schoolers

1 staff to 7 school-agers

11. Do you supply food and snacks?

Yes, we always have snacks on hand, and will coordinate with the client to provide additional food or certain types of items.  The only product we universally ban from our programs is foods with peanut products in them.

12. How will you make sure nobody at the child care catches COVID-19?

While there is no foolproof way to prevent the virus, we can make sure we are taking additional steps to minimize the risk.  No employee will be allowed to work if they are sick.  Parents won’t be allowed in the child care area, but they will be able to see it.  Only caregivers, not other parents, will be allowed to mix with the groups of children.  Before children are allowed in the child care, we will double check that they aren’t sick, and take their temperature if we have any doubt.  Parents and children, upon arrival, will be asked to use hand sanitizer before they proceed further.

If you have any questions not on this list, please contact Amber Standley at KiddieCorp at (858) 455-1718, or email her anytime at amber@kiddiecorp.com.