1. What kind of insurance do you have?
KiddieCorp is fully insured and our employees are bonded. KiddieCorp’s five million-dollar liability policy is in effect for all KiddieCorp programs and we can extend our coverage to cover your group, too.

2. What ages of children can you care for?
We can provide fun-filled programs for children as young as 6 weeks and “young adults” as old as 17 years old.

3. Are the staff local?
Yes, the staff at each program is local to the city of the event. Our on-site managers are the only people who travel for our events. The staff at our events are our trained employees, not independent contractors.

4. What exactly do you provide for the kids?
KiddieCorp provides all the activities, arts-n-crafts, board games, manipulatives and active play items to help create a fun-filled program for the children.

5. What are some of the activities the children will do?
There will be everything from craft projects and story time to active play and building with Legos. Additionally, organized group games, music, tents and tunnels, and theme activities help round out a full day of activities.

6. What happens when a child gets upset?
KiddieCorp’s team member pool is racially/ethnically diverse, gender-mixed and age-diverse (we have youthful camp counselor types as well as “grandmother” types) for a wonderful balance. Our team members are able to comfort even the most hesitant children and help them enjoy their time with us. When a child is upset we do our best to help re-direct their attention and become involved with an activity.

7. Can we take kids outside?
Yes, we are able to take the children outside if the venue can provide a safe outdoor space. KiddieCorp can also arrange for off-site tours, entertainment, and activity rentals (astro jumps, arcade games, etc.). If it is in your budget, we can make it happen. Our creativity and imagination have no limits!

8. Can parents register their children with you directly?
Yes, KiddieCorp can handle the full registration process. A registration form and online link can be created for just your group. KiddieCorp can also collect payments direct from parents to be applied to the child care program fee.

9. How would you handle an emergency situation?
All managers are CPR/First Aid certified. All managers are trained to handle emergencies specific to the venues we work in and carry an emergency preparedness manual with them at all times. We conduct an on-site security meeting between the program manager and head of security at your facility. This meeting alerts security to the special needs of the children’s program should an emergency occur and allows us to confirm important emergency preparedness information.