If you’re between the ages of 4 and 11, KiddieCorp is right up your alley.

After all, you put the KID in KIDDIECORP!

Our Team Members are here to make sure you have a ton of fun while your
parents are away doing grown-up work stuff.

Every KiddieCorp event is a different adventure for kids. School-agers can be
on the look-out for fun things like , , ,
, , , and , just to name a few.

Hey kids! We can’t wait to see you at our program! If you can’t wait either, we have a fun activity for you!

Want to be a famous artist at our next program? Here’s how:

  • Click one of the links below to print out your very own KiddieCorp coloring pages.
  • At home, color away (it’s okay if you go outside the lines)!
  • Bring your masterpiece with you to a KiddieCorp Team Member and they’ll display it for all to see at our program!